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March 18, 2017

Abandoned By His Parents For Having Genetic Disorder – This Guy Sets An Inspiration For All

Abandoned By His Parents For Having Genetic Disorder – This Guy Sets An Inspiration For All

When people feel quite weak and feel as if everything is lost in their life, the one person who could make them happy are parents. For each and every individual, parents are a great support for one and all in their happy as well as tough times. At every point of our life, parents will stay with us in order to support us so as to achieve something great in life. But, what if parents don’t think about their kids and just leaves them without providing any care? This situation happened to Jono Lancaster from the United States of America. Here is everything you need to know about Jono Lancaster, the motivational speaker.
Here is the Heart-melting Story of Jono Lancaster
In the current society, there are parents who abandon their kids because of their ugliness. Jono Lancaster had a rare genetic disorder namely Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS). When Jono was born, his biological mother had shocked for his outer appearance. She then said that she doesn’t have any kind of natural bonding with the baby boy. TCS is actually a syndrome that shows affect on the facial bones right in the womb of the mother. Jono’s syndrome had affected in a massive way that the cheekbones of Jono hadn’t developed. This had ultimately made him look as if his eyes would drop.
A couple of decades ago, Jono Lancaster abandoned from the hospital as the syndrome is not recoverable. Later, a woman named Jean Lancaster had adopted him despite having an ugly face. All the facial features of Jono completely deformed due to a genetic disorder. Since his childhood, he wrinkled his sorrow into a combative behaviour. Jono was intimidated and harassed during his schooling and finally turned his life in his career. After few years, Jono found out that he had two siblings and tried to reach his biological parents. Even then, his parents denied him once again.
Turned as an Inspirational Speaker
That denial from his parents has shown massive impact on Jono. After that, he started exploring the world so as to find out the people who like him and let him lead a common man life. For Jono, gym is one of the favourite places wherein he obtains great strength, motivation and energy. Now, he had turned out to become a successful and an inspirational speaker along with a family of two children. He had formed an organisation of people suffering from the same syndrome. He motivated others through his inspirations words.

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