A Girl Turned Her Body Into Amazing Artwork After Being Bullied For Having Vitiligo

Ash Soto was only 12 when she was diagnosed with vitiligo, a rare condition that causes patches of skin to lose pigmentation.

When her vitiligo started spreading, the bullying quickly began. She started covering her body after a little girl asked if Soto had “taken a shower in bleach” after seeing her in a bikini.

“I’ve been called cow, I was once told I had Michael Jackson syndrome. How can an innocent girl trying to find herself take that?” Ash revealed to her Instagram followers.

But now, the 21-year-old has a positive outlook on her appearance, and has been documenting the importance of self-love on social media.

@radiantbambi / instagram.com
@radiantbambi / instagram.com
“It took me a long time to share my true self. I decided to post when I felt like I was strong enough and mentally able to handle the reaction, which ever way I was meant to receive it,” she told A Plus.

She started using her body as a canvas by tracing her vitiligo to create gorgeous works of art. They are part of a project she calls “The Marker Chronicles.”

@radiantbambi / instagram.com
@radiantbambi / instagram.com
She uses what others perceive as imperfections to create art.

Ash hopes to keep spreading her message of self-love and inspiring others to accept themselves for who they are.

She’s even thinking about starting a YouTube channel to connect with her followers on a different level.

Keep slaying, bb.

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