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March 18, 2017

A Girl From Delhi University Get Masturbated On In A College Fest Will Make You See Red

A Girl From Delhi University Get Masturbated On In A College Fest Will Make You See Red

In every individual’s life, college life is the best phase. The students usually enjoy while hanging out with their friends after their college. Most of the people will pack their memories after the completion of their college. But now, things have changed in a rapid way. In the recent times, something fishy had happened with a student in the premises of college. If you know the thing that happened at the college with a girl, your soul will start shrinking. Here is the thing happened to a student from a college in Delhi. Have a look!
What actually happened?
A girl named Meghna Singh, a student from Miranda House College in the national capital Delhi have attended to a Crossroads festival organised in the Shri Ram College of Commerce. After enjoying at the fest, she came back home and shocked upon seeing semen on her pants. In a recent report from popular news website, Meghna have unveiled a truth that a man in the concert touched her repeatedly from backside and tried to masturbate her in the dark.
After reaching home, Meghna changed her jeans and saw semen stains on the jeans. She then understood that the person who stood behind her touched her during the on-going KK performance in the concert. This eventually made her to masturbate. The concert or the fest was so crowded and full that she assumed that the person might touch her without any intention. But, in fact, no one would expect such a thing to happen in a college fest.
Masturbation in Public
But, the guy tried touching her again and again that made her uncomfortable. She immediately turned towards that person and pushed him back and asked him to move back from her. The person might get scared as Meghna would create a scene at the fest and he suddenly abandoned from the place. As the place was extremely dark, Meghna couldn’t actually understand that he had masturbated her. Also, she got some kind of peculiar smell that linked her doubts.
Meghna Posted on Facebook
After this situation, Meghna went to Facebook and posted her suffering on her profile. Immediately, that post received more than 3.4K reactions on Facebook. Most of the girls have supported her while others on the internet started raising questions genuineness of the incident.
To the reactions of people on the incident, Meghna had given her retort in the following way:
“I had someone tell me that it could be shrikhand (sweetened curd). Really? People can’t accept a girl standing up for her.
I know it’s hard to believe that these students who are pursuing higher education can stoop so low. But what will i get by making all this up and putting it on a social platform?”

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