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March 26, 2017

A Couple Was Forced To Apologise After They Hugged Each Other In Public. Is This The New India, Modiji?

What is love?

Before the unprejudiced youth of today’s generation can think of defining it, it’s meaning is ruined by the narrow moralistic minds of society. Love happens between two people but unfortunately, everyone except them decides what the future holds.

This helpless feeling is really painful, and a couple living in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, is going through the same suffering. All they did was they hugged each other in the middle of the road like any other couple would but unfortunately, this time, the consequences are life-threatening.

A guy had planned to propose his girlfriend in her college, as they were getting engaged soon. While he was about to reach her college, he accidently met her on his way. Well, he didn’t change his plan, and beautifully proposed her in public, while the crowd cheered and applauded for them.

This is what he did,

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It felt like a paradise on that day, but the next day, this whole episode became a nightmare for them. The couple realized that a video of their act had been shot and uploaded online. The video was not welcomed well, and soon the couple started receiving threats because, for a certain section of the society, this act was against the tenets of their religion.

Is showing affection for someone you love against religious beliefs?
Shakeel Raza, Secretary, Raza Academy, Bhiwandi, told TOI:

We only made the couple realise their mistake and asked them to apologise for whatever they did publicly.

Another member president of a political party, National lokhind party, attacked this act,

We wanted the couple to do squats and had also planned to go on a demonstration against them, we have changed their plans and instead want to take legal action against the couple “who stopped traffic”.

Seeing the outrage, the couple had to leave the city, and the guy uploaded a video, begging people to leave the girl’s family alone, and he should be solely blamed for this incident.

This is what he said,

In the video, the guy said,

I accept my mistake and will never repeat such a thing again. Because of my mistake, do not trouble my friends, sister, mother and other people.

As this apology video became viral, police started investigating this case. Dinesh Katke, Senior inspector, said,

An FIR will be registered against those who threatened the man and shot his video. We will also serve a notice to the president of the National Lokhind Party for calling a protest march against the couple.

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