A 40-Year-Old Drunken Man Pulled Out A Woman’s Dead Body To Make Love To Her

A 40-Year-Old Drunken Man Pulled Out A Woman’s Dead Body To Make Love To Her
Some unusual things happen in this world. When people listen to such things then, they will feel quite horrible and dreadful. Earlier, in the year 2016, such bizarre thing happened in Agra. As per the news, some dead woman’s body found out of the grave near Lal Darwaza graveyard in Fatehpur Sikri in Agra. This incident took place on 3rd January 2016 in our country. The actual thing that happened with that dead body is a drunken man had sexually assaulted with the corpse. The dead woman’s age is 50 years old. Two days after the death of the woman, her dead body was digged out and assaulted sexually.
When the police officials found the dead body, they have felt quite disgusting. The legs of the dead body turned towards the head and shoulders. After commencing the investigation, the police officials have asked some of the witnesses in the village. According to the statement of the witnesses, they have seen a drunken man who pulled the dead body out of the grave and started to have sex with it. As per the information from the locality people, the person who had sex with the dead body is not married and aged 40 years. The police officials found out that the 40 years old man named Rajendra.
After taking the culprit into custody, he had confessed about his crime. He said to the police that he had planned to have sex with the dead body right on the day when it buried. The family members of that particular dead body of the woman didn’t wished to send the body for post mortem. So, the family members have buried the woman in the graveyard. He then decided to go near the graveyard in a small village in Agra and assaulted that 40 years old woman. But, this is extremely disgusting and our blood boils out of aggression.

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