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March 21, 2017

7 People Who Are Way Too Stupid To Be Online

7 People Who Are Way Too Stupid To Be Online
7 People Who Are WAY Too Stupid To Be Online
We often come across weird pictures and posts online like Facebook and other social networking websites. In some posts or pictures, we can see creativity and the uniqueness of the person who posted that particular picture. Some others will post their pictures and unveils their stupidity. We can witness their idiocy through their posts. In this post, we have come across some of the bizarre pictures that will prove that these people are too stupid in their ways to share their posts online. Have a look!
  1. Colours of Gays
“Your changing your station logo with the colours of gays is a disgrace. Just stay out of it… Your integrity ruined… ABC KATV is my choice in the future for all Little Rock station viewing…Shame on you!”
“We didn’t change our logo Don. Same logo as always.”
  1. Might be a smartphone
“Hard to believe that the Earth is about to be 2017 years old”
  1. Looking for an Alternate Camera?
I don’t have another camera other than this phone’s camera to take a picture so I just used my hands to show the height and width.
— Used Samsung Galaxy S3
Seems that this person doesn’t have an alternative camera and so he couldn’t capture the exact picture. He had to make use of his own hands to measure the height and width.
  1. Wonder these look like hot dogs rather than a woman’s fingers!
“My hands look like this so hers can look like that”
  1. Amazing alternate for Wine Opener!
“The one night we didn’t have a wine opener”
Just have a quick look at what she is using to open the wine bottle. Yes, you noticed it correctly… She is making use of a corkscrew on the wine bottle. This woman seems to have a unique mind.
  1. Never get into an argument with Tumblr over Grammar
OMG so I just figured out the word “hurt”
It’s past, present and future
You will be hurt
You are hurt
You were hurt
Because if something truly hurt, it never really stops
You poetic little shit
It’s because… it’s an adjective….
You will be stupid
You are stupid
You were stupid
Ultimately, you need to disappoint and become upset.
  1. Just look at the name of the person who posted it!
Great place to eat. I love the employees such as Ginger. She is kind and caring to everyone.

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