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March 18, 2017

6 Tips To Help You Identify Real Gadget From The Fake One

6 Tips To Help You Identify Real Gadget From The Fake One

In the rapid advancement in the technology, people have become quite accustomed for the latest gadgets and technology. People make use of branded smartphones, laptops, tablets, Mac devices and a lot more. There are numerous popular brands available in the market at an expensive price range. At the same time, there are makers who manufacture fake products in the name of popular brand.
People might assume the fake products as original products and purchases them at an affordable price range. Most often, we come across counterfeits in topmost brands. Sometimes, the manufacturers will make gadgets in the best way so that we couldn’t even recognise or differ between the original and fake products. In this post, we have come up with a list of 6 best tips that helps the people or customers in recognising between the fake and original gadgets. Have a look!
  1. Packaging
People can recognise the fake gadgets by making use of the mode of packaging. Often, the makers of fake gadgets overlook at the design of the packaging of particular fake product. The original brand device manufacturer will often take much care at the time of designing and packaging the goods or products. In order to check the difference between fake and original, you need to check out the quality of the printing on the package.
You need to see whether the font and the font size on the package consistent or not. At the time of packaging, you need to make sure that the product in the package must pack in such a way that it doesn’t move or loosely packed. The makers will ensure the safety of the product without confronting damage at the time of transportation.
  1. Type of Material
It is quite essential for the customers to check out the type of material with which the product made. Despite the material, you need to make sure that the quality of that particular material is quite good. We have different varieties of material such as plastic, aluminium, rubber and other materials. Make sure that the material is of great quality. By taking a quick look at the fake product, you can see that the plastic is cheap with uneven surfaces.
  1. Check Font on the Logo
When you look at the font or style of the logo, you can recognise the difference between the fake and original product. By giving a glimpse at the logo, you can easily identify the logo originality. You need to make sure that the fonts and symbols on the product are readable and smooth.
  1. Adapter
The charger of any device designed in such a way that it helps the users to charge their devices. On the original chargers, you can see metal tips and quality insulation.
  1. Size of the Wires & Plugs
You need to compare the size of the wires and plugs to choose between original and fake products. You need to check out the colour and size of the wires.
  1. User Manual
For every product, the manufacturers provide a user manual. The information within the manual is present in the language to that particular country. It you are unable to read the instructions then it is absolutely fake one.

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