5 Clever Psychological Hacks To Make Your Life Way Easier

5 Clever Psychological Hacks To Make Your Life Way Easier
Psychological hacks can make your life easier at work and in social situations. It can make you feel confident enough to face situations. Here are a list of psychological hacks to make you bold enough to deal with challenging situations.
  1. Ask for a small favor and most of the people starts liking you
This occurred out of Benjamin Franklin Effect. If you ask someone a small favor, their brain will rationalize their behavior by adapting their beliefs to the situation.
  1. Trying to remember incomplete activities!
This is Zeigarnik Effect. Is this particular song is bothering you by buzzing in your head again and again? This happens because your brain never actually heard the ending of the song. So, to get rid of this situation, just try to memorize the ending of the song.
  1. You’ll get to know the deeper, inner feelings
If you are in a group, and everyone is laughing at some joke then you have a chance to peep into the inner feelings of your group-mate. They will instinctively steal a glance of the particular person they are affectionate with.
  1. Chances of avoiding aggressive situations
Sit next to an aggressor as the aggressive person feels uncomfortable to express themselves to someone who is sitting close to him/her.
  1. Try Chameleon Effect
Mirroring the image of the person you are talking to help you gain their trust.

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