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March 18, 2017

15 People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online

15 People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online

Online shopping usually reduces the time of people who are quite busy. But, sometimes, people will regret for shopping online. You will order for one product but ultimately you receive some other product quite converse from what you have ordered. In this post, we have come up with some of the experiences of people who regret for shopping online.
  1. Cake Order
When my mother ordered a cake for my sister and asked them to place a blond girl on the top of the cake, they mistook it as blind. They sent us a cake with a blind girl sitting on the top of the cake along with a stick.
  1. School Bag
My mother had ordered a unique backpack for my nephew to let her go to the school for the first time. They sent me the backpack in a small size.
  1. Pant Length
When George Riggall ordered for a pair of jeans with 32 lengths, he received the pant having additional length more than 32.
  1. TV Stand
One of my roommates ordered a TV stand from Amazon online shopping portal. She received a TV stand extremely in small size and it appears like a kid’s toy.
  1. Pair of Bra and Bikini
When my 16 years old daughter ordered a pair of bra and bikini, she received ridiculously tiny one that could fit perfectly for a cat. It is not possible for me to post the picture of my daughter after wearing it. So, I have posted the picture of the cat wearing it. To be true, it hides all the nipples of the cat.
  1. Seems Different
Usually, people look at the dress on the shopping portal wherein the model will wear it. We assume that the dress would appear just like the model on us. But, when we purchase it, we would realise how actually it appears when we wear it.
  1. Size Variation
It might be quite difficult for people to wear the dress that you have ordered it online if the size is extremely small.
  1. Deck Chairs
When we ordered for deck chairs, we have received the chairs ridiculously in smaller size. It is not possible for us to place these deck chairs in our garden and sit on them.
  1. Check out Size of the product
Whenever, you choose to shop online, you need to make sure about the size of the product.
  1. Chinese Products
As we all know, the products from China are often duplicate ones. So, you need to make sure before heading to purchase Chinese products.
  1. Xbox One
A man paid $750 for a piece of Xbox One and he assumed it as real Xbox One. All just he received is a small piece of paper.
  1. Sexy turned to Ghost Costume
When you planned to purchase a sexy costume, it turned out to become a ghost costume.
  1. Crystal Chain
When ordered for a crystal chain, I have received a spray painted rock along with the chain.
  1. Dress becomes a Shirt
When ordered for a long skirt, it just turned out as a short sized shirt.
  1. Small-Sized Oven
When I have ordered for a micro-oven, I just received a small tiny piece of plastic appeared as a micro-oven.

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