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March 18, 2017

11 Most Shocking Bigg Boss Controversies

11 Most Shocking Bigg Boss Controversies

Bigg Boss is one of the high-rated reality shows running on television now. It is so popular either because of his host, the dashing Salman Khan or because of the controversies it creates with ugly fights or comments. We bring you the 11 of those most shocking moments from the Bigg Boss House. Especially all those moments which created a buzz, more like a controversy, in the town, or on social media.
  1. Dolly Bindra and Manoj Tiwari got into fight
It took place in season 4 of the show. The epic words of Dolly Bindra that roamed all around the country, “Baap pe mat jaana” came from this fight. The fight started with a small issue of eggs and ended up on ‘baap pe mat jaana’. Dolly Bindra got infamous after this brawl.
2. Gautam and Diandra
Diandra and Gautam Gulati made a lot of buzz in the eighth season of Bigg Boss. There is no clip on the internet of what happened between them but there were headlines stating that Diandra is pregnant with Gautam’s child.
3. Swami Om threw piss on Rohan and Bani
This is one of latest controversies that occurred from this list. During a captaincy task, Swami Om threw his piss on Rohan and Bani in an attempt to win the task. In return, he was thrown out of the house by Bigg Boss 10.
4. Prince Narula taking stand for Kishwer Merchant
Rishabh Sinha, the wild card entry of season 9, made Kishwer Merchant act like a dog for three hours and that is what made Prince Narula go crazy. And that is how they started the argument which turned to be an ugly one.
5. Imam Siddique in Bigg Boss House
Imam was himself a controversy. He was the madman walking in the house.
6. Sonali Raut slapped Ali Quli Mirza
In season 8, Sonali Raut slapped Ali Quli Mirza after he passed a few derogatory remarks about her. After the incident, Ali tried to leave the house by jumping off the rooftop.
7. Direct eviction of Priyanka Jagga Muse
Season 10 is the very first season where Salman Khan, the host of the show, asked one of the contestants, Priyanka Jagga Muse, to leave the house after her defaming comments about other contestants of the house.
8. Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel’s romance in this reality show
Veena and Ashmit had all the intense romantic scenes which were more than enough to create controversy.
9. Kushal Tandon’s drama to leave the house
This is a controversy from season 7. VJ Andy commented on Gauhar Khan which made Kushal lose his temper. He caught Andy by his neck which appeared as a physical violence. As a result of which he was thrown out of the house.
10. Sapna Bhavnani’s comment on Salman Khan
Sapna accused the host of the show, Salman Khan, of being a serial woman-beater.
11. Sara Khan and Ali Merchant’s wedding inside the house
Sara and Ali’s wedding in the house was rumored as a publicity stunt by the makers of Bigg Boss.

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