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March 18, 2017

11 Facts About Kalpana Chawla That Prove That She Was A Woman With Great Courage

11 Facts About Kalpana Chawla That Prove That She Was A Woman With Great Courage
11 Facts about Kalpana Chawla That Prove That She Was a Woman with Great Courage
Kalpana Chawla, the popular Indian-American Astronaut and the first and foremost woman to land on the space. Today is the birthday of Kalpana Chawla. Kalpana Chawla born on 17th March 1961 and acquired a place in the space and created sensation in the Indian history. Ultimately, she has become the first Indian woman to land on space. On her 55th birth anniversary, let’s just have a quick glimpse at some of the unknown and interesting facts about Kalpana Chawla.
She has a great determination so as to achieve something in her life. She has soon turned out to become one of the favorites to her faculty. Despite being a topper in her class, she had immense inquisitiveness towards new things and had a peculiar mindset. Since her childhood, Kalpana had a dream of becoming an astronaut and finally made her dream come true. By shattering all the stereotypes, Kalpana had become the first woman to enter into space.
Here is a list of 11 interesting facts about Kalpana Chawla. Have a glance!
  1. Kalpana Chawla was born on 17th March 1962. The official date of birth of Kalpana altered to 1st July 1961 in her school at the time of admission.
  2. In the year 1982, Kalpana went to the USA and pursued her Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Texas University.
  3. During her college days, Kalpana had learned Karate.
  4. Kalpana had a great interest in playing Badminton and participated in various running competitions.
  5. After completing her Master’s Degree, Kalpana has received a certificate as a commercial pilot and also acquired a pilot license for sea planes, glider and multi engine air place. Kalpana also awarded as a Certified Flight Instructor for airplanes and glider as well.
  6. In the year 1983, Kalpana got married to Jean Pierre Harrison. Her husband was a flying instructor and an aviation author.image source
  7. At the NASA Research Centre, Kalpana acquired the position of Vice President of Overset Methods. She acquired an assignment so as to make Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) research on landing concepts.
  8. In 1991, Kalpana finally acquired citizenship in the United States.
  9. Originally, her parents gave her the name as Monto. She herself selected the name as Kalpana and changed Monto as her nickname.image source
  10. Every Indian is proud of Kalpana for her initial fly into the space.
  11. Kalpana acquired plethora of awards like NASA Space Flight Medal, Congressional Space Medal of Honour and NASA Distinguished Service Medal.

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