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March 18, 2017

10 Mouth Watering Dishes You Should Have This Holi

10 Mouth Watering Dishes You Should Have This Holi

Holi is the most popular festival that people will celebrate across the country. It is the festival of colors wherein people will enjoy to the peaks on this eve. On this occasion, people will prepare special kinds of food and dishes and enjoys the festival. Apart from enjoying with colors, people will consume different foods on this day.
As per the mythology, the word Holi has originated from the term Holika. In fact, Holika is the evil sister of demon king Hiranyakashyap. On the eve of Holi, people will also make a bonfire in their house. Here, in this post, we have come up with a list of 10 mouth watering dishes that you should have for this Holi festival. Have a look!
  1. Gujiyas
Gujiya is one of the most popular sweets for Holi. Gujiya is a Rajasthan sweet made up of maida or flour along with khoya and dry fruits mixture. You can make Gujiya in three different varieties using three different recipes. Some of the types of Gujiyas include Chocolate Gujiya, Coconut Gujiya, Baked Gujiya and a lot more
  1. Malpuas
Malpua is a traditional sweet made by people residing in North India. Malpuas usually appear like a pancake or Indian dessert food item. This is prepared by frying it ghee and also dips in sugar syrup. There are wide range of varieties in Malpula such as Ragi Malpula, Paneer Malpula and a lot more.
  1. Thandai
Thandai is one of the best mouth-watering recipes prepared during Holi eve. Thandai cools the body temperature of the person in a natural way. You can prepare this dish and store it and serve on the eve of Holi.
  1. Dal Kachori
It is a North Indian dish prepared on the occasion of Holi. Dal Kachori is a hot dish stuffed with dal, spics and other fried stuff.
  1. Apple Kheer
You can make this festival even more happy and cheerful by sharing Apple Kheer with your family members and relatives. You can make it using apples, red grapes, cinnamon and other delicious garnishing stuff.
  1. Almond Malai Kulfi
It is the best food that comprises of dry fruits, saffron, and condensed milk.
  1. Chocolate Gujiya
In order to make Chocolate Gujiya, you need to stuff the Gujiyas with mava and other chocolate chips. After that, you need to garnish it using cream and chocolate sauce so as to make it alluring for the kids and adults as well.
  1. Baked Gujiya
In order to make Baked Gujiya, you need to make a blend grated coconut and dried milk solids along with nuts. Using this mixture, you can make delicious filling with this baked food. It is a fat-free food and it requires only less quantity of sugar. The baked Gujiya is the best and perfect food for diabetic patients. It is a must prepared food item for this Holi occasion.
  1. Chocolate Gujiya
It is the best food for children who often love consuming foods with chocolate. It is quite different from the original Gujiya.
  1. Bhaang Ki Pakori
It is an intoxicating drink prepared at the time of Holi festival.

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